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Account management and client support

Our Google Ads management service includes everything you need to succeed. We handle every step from the initial planning to ongoing optimisations, tailoring our approach to get the best results for your unique business. Alongside the ad management itself, we provide click fraud protection, monthly reporting, and will set up your conversion tracking at no extra cost. There are no hidden fees - you simply pay our fixed monthly management fee plus your ad spend to Google.

You'll be working one-on-one with one of our highly experienced, UK-based Google Ads managers. There’s nothing worse as a client than being passed from person to person, so your account manager will be the only one working on your account day-to-day.

Not a problem. We're experienced at taking over existing accounts and will perform an initial review so we understand where your campaigns currently stand. Our approach can then be tailored based on how well the account was previously set up and managed.

Not an issue at all. We'll guide you through the account setup process and build your campaigns from scratch.

Unfortunately, while well-intentioned, Google reps are tasked as sales reps rather than true marketing advisers for small businesses. Their advice often does not align with effectively growing your business. We provide the strategic, ROI-focused management and expertise that a Google rep cannot.

Simply fill out the form on our get started page and we'll be in touch to discuss - there's no obligation. If you decide to move forward, we'll thoroughly research your business, goals, and market before planning and building out your campaigns. In most cases, we can have your ads running live within a week.

Billing and contract overview

Not at all. We offer monthly rolling contracts with no minimums or long-term commitments required. While we recommend working together for at least 3 months, you're free to cancel at any time.

Cancelling is a no-fuss process - just provide 24 hours' notice. We want you to stay with us because you’re happy with our work, not because we’ve locked you into a long-term contract.

No. With our hands-on management approach, we can work effectively with any ad budget size. If you're unsure what budget to allocate, we're happy to advise before you begin working with us.

We'll take the first month's payment when you sign up, but your billing cycle won't begin until the day your ads go live. We'll then bill you on the same day each month moving forward. We offer various payment options, which will be discussed before you sign up.

Yes, you will fully own and have access to your Google Ads account, managing ad spend payments directly with Google. You'll also have complete control to grant or revoke our access as needed. It's inadvisable to allow an agency to own your ad account, as you can lose access to valuable data.

Are we a good fit for your business?

Our service is suitable for almost any small business, whether you offer services, sell products, or something else. We only run campaigns in English, and there are a small number of industries within highly regulated industries, such as gambling, that we don’t work with. But if you're unsure, get in touch and we can quickly determine if we’re a good fit.

As a service built intentionally for small businesses, we don't typically take on new accounts with ad budgets over £4,000 per month. However, if you start with us at a lower budget, and later scale beyond that level, we'd be delighted to continue working with you and supporting your growth.

Absolutely. We're happy to provide our Google Ads management as a white label service for agencies and freelancers. Our pricing is highly competitive, giving you great margins, and we can work with you to ensure reporting appears fully under your own branding. We're also happy to sign non-compete agreements.

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